Brewster school officials ask Gov. Hochul to drop COVID-19 … – News 12 Bronx

Brewster Central School District officials have sent a letter to Gov. Kathy Hochul saying they are not in favor of the state requiring students get a COVID-19 vaccine in order to attend school.

While they say they are aware that the CDC recommends the vaccine for public school students 18 years old and younger, they say their schools have not had any interruptions from COVID-19 so far this school year and last year.

The letter says “We support a parent’s right to make medical decisions for their children regarding COVID-19. A mandated vaccine will cause interruptions in the students’ learning that would have significant long-term repercussions to their education. Moreover, such a mandate would once again divide our community and divert the attention and focus of our administrators, teachers, and staff away from student learning.”

They are asking the governor to allow parents to make the decision to vaccinate in consultation with their medical providers.